About Us


I C Double is an online store inspired by Twins and Multiples. 
Being a parent of twins, triplets and multiples is a great blessing that leaves less time to shop around. I C Double is a place where parents of multiples can find the products they need all in one place. At I C Double.com you will find many products that cannot be found anywhere else as we have dedicated our time to customize many of our items to twins and multiples parents needs and specifications. Our goal is to make life with Twins and Multiples a little easier.

We want to help you in bringing a balance where you can get the items you need, while still being able to relish in the joy your little ones bring.

At I C Double, we have a Twin and Multiple passion with a MISSION!

I C Double donates a portion of our proceeds to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) across the country.

Thank you for visiting our page.